Competitive Analysis

See how our 123CURBSTM Address Kit stands up to the competition.

123CURBSTM Address Kit vs Buying The Individual Parts vs Solicitors

A comparison chart between our kit and the two most common alternatives.

123CURBSTM Address Kit Buying The Individual Parts Solicitors
Cost $18.95 MSRP

$11.55 – 22.45

Total cost depends on how many duplicate stencil kits are required.

$10.00 – 40.00

Cost varies from vendor to vendor.

Ease of Use Our background template defines the white paint area and no masking tape is required. The address template aligns the number stencils and holds them in place. 3 each of 0-9 number stencils are supplied. You would have to find a way to mask off the area you want to paint and then make sure the numbers are aligned properly before painting. If you had duplicate numbers and haven’t bought multiple stencils, you would have to deal with using a stencil multiple times. N/A
Quality of Result Our background and address templates are designed to prevent overspray and produce a clean, even curb address. Depends on how much effort you put into aligning the numbers and preventing overspray by masking the areas you don’t want to paint. Depends on the professionalism of the solicitor. There is no guarantee the result would be of high quality. There is also the possibility of error with little to no customer support.
Privacy Concerns None. None. If you pay by check, the solicitor would have your name, address, checking account number, and possibly drivers license number and date of birth.


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