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How we got started! (Stephen McInnis & Atticus Mulholland)

While working in the yard one day my Dad asked Atticus, my best friend, and me to repaint our house address on the curb. The numbers were faded and worn. My dad said the curb address is important because emergency vehicles need to be able to find someone’s house as quickly as possible.

Atticus and I realized there was no easy way to paint the curb address, and it sparked the idea for this product. We saw many of our neighbors had the same problem. We didn’t have time to go door-to-door to paint curbs because we had too much school work, even on the weekends. We saw an opportunity to create a Do-It-Yourself curb address kit so consumers could paint their address themselves.

With an initial design in hand, we took it to my dad who recommended, Dale Thornby, a design and packaging expert. Dale has his own manufacturing and packaging design company in Hopkins, Minnesota. With Dale’s help, we improved and completed the product design which is now for sale.

With our marketing efforts in full swing, we hope to begin selling the 123CURBSTM Address Kit in a variety of hardware and retail stores nationwide by spring of 2009.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Stephen & Atticus

P.S. If you need help with product design or packaging, contact Dale Thornby at:

Visual Packaging
11121 Excelsior Blvd.
Hopkins, MN 55343
Phone: 952.938.1575